What Is Social Media

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What Is Social Media?

The on-line media platforms that engaged in and facilitate to the users with media communication and activities through the website and various applications for creating content and sharing the ideas among the friends and families and all other concern in social networking is called social media. It’s an internet based social communication through various social networking platforms worldwide. The media are the element of communication, like; newspaper, radio or television and the social media is the social communication’s appliance that totally based on internet technology.

Nowadays, the social media are not only the media of social communication, but a large volume of world business is running through this strong and popular kind of media communication. It’s the world’s favourable and effective marketing tool where businesses are making boom by performing the trendy digital marketing. In this regard, the social media are the platforms for integrating all kinds of activities, whatever it is personal to family affair or the multinational business task.

The traditional media are able to provide a bunch of news and information to you where there is little space to present your own opinion, but the social media are the both way track, you can show your own interest or opinion in opposite to a certain news or opinion through the two way communication system. And for this reason, the social media are quite active today across the globe. The social media are the mass participatory communication system of internet technology where you are able to share all kinds of contents, including the most powerful text, videos, images and such among a larger community connected to a single platform.

Various Social Media Sites and Platforms:

The history of social media platforms are not so old one at all. In 1990s with the popularity of the bloging, the browser based software and web hosting service has become accessible to the ordinary users, consequently the micro bloging became popular. With this trend the social media platforms have got their inception idea though the Six Degree, the first social media site launched in 1997, then the MySpace launched in the year of 2003. After that, the social media sites opened its wings among the general users and started to initiate social media sites through private entrepreneurship. Today there are numerous social media sites worldwide, among them some are much more popular, like; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instragram, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.

The popularity of social networking site got its climax in 2004 when started the most crowded social networking site Facebook as private social media. Initially, it was started in helping the students of Harvard University and stays in close and makes a network. It became popular in 2006 when people from outside Harvard connected to this network and in 2012 the platform went in public, now Facebook is world’s largest social media site with a monthly active user of more than 1.1 million.
Twitter, the on-line social networking site, started its journey in 2006. Here users are able to communicate by sending and receive a short message of 140 characters. Everyone can join in this platform and can do the multiple posts in a day. Twitter got its popularity much quickly as per as a study of 2014 it has more than 500 million users with the active of 284 million. Today this social media site is also used largely by the internet marketers for the purpose of digital marketing.
Another popular social media networking site is Instagram that is relevant to exercise of lifestyle, food, fashion, personalities, etc. You can share all kinds of virtual content here as well as upload short videos with the length of less than 15 seconds, but you will be able to post once in a day. For sharing image and video it is the best social media platform. As you know better that this is the age of video marketing even in commercial purpose, you can use this fantastic platform for your digital marketing enhancement.
Google+ is the best platform for the more formal and professional activity and all about related to business to business networking and bloging. It launched in 2011, you are able to post pictures, text, within any certain group that you are interested in, event, location tagging etc. Here you can post once or twice in a day. As the concern of Google you can get better service whatever in the purpose of personal or commercial.
It’s a platform of the activity related to professional, recruiter and job seekers. LinkedIn started its journey in 2002. According to a study of 2013 it has 259 million active users across the world. You can job posting, present company description etc. on this professional social media networking site. You are able to share your own profile as a professional manner than any other social media site that not does like this. And highly professional digital marketers take the opportunity to create a brand of their business through this platform.
Among the popular social networking sites Pinterest is innovative one in respect of the platform for communication the issues related to fashion, food, design, travel and such. It started its journey in 2010. You can pin anything here what you want to save that are visual bookmarks for the good stuff you get among the web or even on the Pinterest. You are also able to organize your pins as you want to board them and discover more things you desire. Like many other social media platforms you can move on it with your digital marketing strategy. Here you can pin multiple creative and visual contents in a day.
It’s the world’s most popular social media platform where you can upload your most favorite video presentation for worldwide circulation. In the era of digital marketing the YouTube is the most effective and widely used video site currently. It launched in 2005 and in 2006 was bought by Google. By this video sharing site, you are able to make your business brand with video contents and ads. You can upload a video once or two in a week.
Beside these, there are lots of social media networking sites online those have been playing a role in personal aspect to friends and family issues and even serving for the booming the businesses through digital marketing. Online based marketing mostly are running with these popular social media networking sites.

Marketing Activity through Social Media:
The promotional activities that are taking place by using the social media networking sites called the social media marketing. Initially marketing is categorizing, selection and development of a product, fixing of its price, identifying the distribution channel to reach the customer and making and execution of a promotional plan. And these promotional activities run through the social media platforms for presenting certain product or service to the audiences and that is exchangeable in money and customer may buy them for fulfilling their demand is called social media marketing. Among many other digital marketing strategies, the social media concern is quite considering to the on-line marketers as well as the consumers depend upon and choose these media for purchasing their necessary products or services.

Traditional Marketing:
The traditional marketing and social media marketing differ only because of its medium of marketing in their strategy, and the former is a relatively old idea and later is the trendy on in the age of marketing. The forms of advertising and marketing the traditional marketing strategy considers are the print media, broadcast, direct mail and the telemarketing. In the traditional marketing strategy may use the above all medium or single one or more than one medium for the marketing activity. The print media include the newspaper advertisement, publishing newsletters, magazines, distributing the brochures and other printed materials for a product or service propaganda. The broadcasting is based on radio and television advertising and the advertising through movie, theatre on screen. Direct mail is another kind of traditional marketing medium, it includes the distributing the fliers, postcards, brochures, letters or catalogues and such other printed materials that are directly send able to the consumers. It’s a direct cold call to a consumer and its call the request calling that also an effective traditional marketing strategy. So the traditional marketing is the single way communication strategy where you are not able to receive current feedback from your valued customer.

Digital Marketing:
The digital marketing is the process of marketing that use the electronic devices to implement the marketing strategies taken for marketing a product or service of a company. In the digital marketing process the devices used as marketing instruments are the personal computers, smart phones, television, the game consoles, etc.. It also uses the websites, e-mails, classic or mobile apps, and the social networking platforms. The digital marketing can run through non on-line channels, like; TV, radio, sms, etc. and the internet channel such as social media, e-mail, on-line ads, banner ads, etc. But today’s most popular digital marketing instruments are the on-line based social media networking sites. A business may adopt both the traditional and digital marketing strategy, but the later one is more effective in the age of the internet and the social media boom. Because, the digital marketing is able to allow you to target and tracks the aspect of return on investment of your business very quickly. But the traditional one is not able to gain the current scenario of your business. So the digital marketing is much more communicative than the traditional marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing:
The social media marketing is one of the strongest marketing instruments in the strategy of the online marketing era. It’s the process of getting the traffic for the website and the attention of the audience through using the social media networking sites. By creating and marketing the micro contents through the social media platforms entrepreneurs gain and increase their website traffic for booming the business volume. By using social media your business’s message spreads within the community of the users of social media across the world. So through these platforms you are able to reach maximum audience at a time and get the best communication with both way interactions in respect of a certain product or service. There are millions of social media members worldwide and they are connected each other, and in this way they can exchange a new things or business brand among them which get a broad scale of the show up. That’s why the social media marketing is much popular than the traditional one.

Social Media for Business Boom:
In the age of on-line business, the social media has arrived at the peak as the most work worthy marketing tools. Whatever you are currently running a business in a small volume or large one you are mostly doing the marketing activities thorough the social media platforms.
Following are the prime causes you will also adopt the marketing component in your business;
1. By greater visibility you can increase your business brand recognition.
2. The brand engages on social media platforms get a higher loyalty from its customers
3. Post on a regular basis, you can get the opportunities of customer conversion
4. By social media conversion rate is higher than other digital marketing components
5. By regular engagement of the audience, build a higher brand authority
6. You are able to increase your inbound audience through social media
7. The marketing cost is much less than other marketing methods
8. More social media activity and presence may cause of search engine ranking of your business website
9. Because of more and frequent communication with the customers, the audience experience reaches to your brand
10. You can get the comments and reviews from the audience that able to improve the customer insights.

Therefore, the social media is the very interactive and communicative marketing component today. Among the digital marketing components the social media marketing (SMM), search engine marketing (SEM), e-mail marketing, on-line banner ads are popular. Digital marketing through these marketing instruments enable your business to review the marketing activities and get the actual scenario and the real time data. But the social media are much active and wide ranging that have millions of users across the globe and marketing is quite easy through it than other digital marketing channels and the global businesses have been moving with this fastest growing on-line media today.

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